Subcutaneous LipoEmulsion LESC

masaje_post-quirurgicoSubcutaneous LipoEmulsion

Is a minimally invasive body contouring technique based on an US device, to emulsify fat within a targeted area, while preserving blood vessels, nerves and collagen fibers. LESC was introduced in 2010.

In response to the limitations of traditional liposuction and other energy-based technologies as laser or radiofrequency.

Superior results are obtained with 50 percent less energy delivered to tissues compared to the earlier internal ultrasound-assisted devices and 50 percent more efficiency.  Over 10,000 treatments since 2010.  No complications associated with the technology.

How does it works

The tumescent fluid infiltrated at the beginning of the treatment naturally contains small gas bubbles. As the fluid is infused, the microbubbles become dispersed throughout the tissue matrix. Due to the relatively loose packing of the fatty tissue the tumescent fluid surrounds the fat cells, allowing the bubbles to infiltrate between individual cells. As the fat cells are displaced, they are mixed with the tumescent solution. This further breaks down the fat clumps into smaller groups of intact fat cells, which are then aspirated.


  • Improved tissue retraction and draping (thinning the superficial fatty layer reduces the subdermal, non-compressible volume, allowing the dermal layer to contract).
  • Areas with significant fibrosity such as the neck and back are successfully treated
  • By treating the fatty tissue prior to extraction, aspiration can be performed with less avulsion, resulting in less trauma to the surrounding area.
  • In- office procedure performed under local anaesthesia.
  • Spontaneous healing of the incision without stitches.