Facial Nanopore Stylus


Nanotechnology be applied to a field such as cosmetic dermatology

Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale to produce new structures, materials and devices with NANO dimensions.

Taking advantage of the ability to create microscopic structures to carry active ingredients to the desired target area.  These structures are called nanosomes, nano-sized vesicles whose composition is completely assimilated by the body.  Because of their size, these nanocapsules are able to transport active ingredients through various structures such as skin and hair and penetrate to levels previously unimaginable.

Nanopore dermo-roller



  • Sterile Needles: Prevents infection transmission.
  • Less epidermal trauma: Shorter recovery time.
  • Greater speed: Less pain. Does not require anaesthesia.
  • Greater ease of use and cost amortization: Makes it possible to work on different areas/longitudes with the same device.
  • No search for petechiae or bleeding:
  • No social or work abscences.
  • Immediate improved cosmetic look.
  • Less post-treatment rejection.

In treatments:

  • Micro punctures increase the permeability and facilitate penetration of active ingredients. The micro holes close to 10 minutes and the needles act as vehicle transporting the solution applied topically to the deeper layers of the skin.
  • Fix the dermal matrix

It increases the production of collagen and elastin due to natural mechanisms of self-skin repair.

Its combination with specific treatment serums for each lubricates needles decreasing pain and trauma epidemic (not have bruises or pain). These serums contain a cocktail of growth factors and their indications are individualized according to the needs of each patient (flaccidity, acne marks, scars, stretch marks, hair loss, aging, wrinkles).

This treatment produces excellent results in improving the skin.

Their advantages:

  • Resurfacing: They repair the damaged stratum corneum and enhance the skin barrier function.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Decreases edema in the area. · Bactericidal: Prevent the spread of infections.
  • Clarifying: Linoleic acid has clarifying properties and evens out skin color.
  • Sebum regulating: Normalize the lipids in the skin surface, increasing the levels of linoleic acid and decrease squalene.

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