Laser Leg Veins



Euromedical centre utilize elos technology which combines diode laser energy at 900nm, and bi-polar radio-frequency (RF) energy. Both optical and RF components are delivered to the skin as a combined pulse resulting in an efficient and safe treatment.

The optical energy is selectively absorbed by hemoglobin in blood vessels  and causes it to heat up. Although haemoglobin absorption peaks are higher for shorter wavelengths (532, 585-600nm), making them unsuitable for deep and large vessels and may be very risky for dark skin phenotypes. Our Treatment use the 900 nm wavelength for their ideal penetration depth in the dermis, allowing treatment of superficial and deep vascular lesion without compromising the epidermis barrier.

RF energy is marginally absorbed by melanin and is thus independent of skin color with no epidermal barrier to absorption as occurs with optical energy. Since the epidermis is constantly cooled it is protected from collateral damage.

Combined energy of RF and laser creates greater heating of blood vessels with minimal risk of side effects to surrounding tissues. As a result, the blood and the vessel wall coagulate and the blood vessel shrinks.


Our leg veins and vascular lesions treatment may improve the appearance of these lesions. The final result can be shrinkage of the vessel, or coagulation and no further blood refill, often depicted by blanching or vessel color change, respectively. However, the degree of improvement and the number of sessions required vary in patients with different vascular lesions severity.