Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal Is A Clinically Proven Treatment For The Removal Of Unwanted Facial And Body Hair For Both Women & Men. We provide best quality treatments at the best price. Not only do we use the best equipment and employ the best therapists, but we aim to provide best value permanent hair removal for our clients each and every day.
We only use state-of-the-art Cynosure lasers to guarantee best results
Our award winning Cynosure Lasers include both Alexandrite and ND Yag laser heads, so that we are able to treat all skin types, including darker and Asian skin types, which can only be treated effectively by high quality lasers like the Cynosure Elite+. Elite+ is a powerful laser with a range of spot sizes, making it one of those most effective lasers for hair removal for larger body areas like full legs, back and chest, or even for full body laser hair removal. With smaller spot sizes, the Elite delivers excellent results quickly and effectively for smaller areas such as bikini line, beard, sideburns, upper lip and full facial hair removal.
Laser Hair Removal – Treatment Details

How it works?

Light is absorbed by the melanin (the pigment in the hair follicle). The light energy heats the pigment and effectively destroys the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding cell. The laser is placed on the skin and a short pulse of light is released, which targets many follicles simultaneously. The applicator is then moved to the neighbouring area of the skin and the process is repeated until the entire area is covered. Treatment of a small area will only take 10 minutes, whereas a full body treatment will take up to three hours. A course of laser treatments is usually required at 4 – 8 weekly intervals to follow the hair growth cycle. Treatment will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and free from painful in-growing hairs.

Laser Hair Removal – Difference Between IPL And Laser Treatments
Let’s Be Very Clear: IPL Hair Removal Is Not The Same As Laser Hair Removal Clients are often confused about IPL and Laser Hair Removal, often because they have heard conflicting stories from friends and family or salons that offer IPL treatments that may try and blur the distinction between the two forms of treatment and technologies. IPL and Laser treatments are very different. Both treatments use light energy to reduce and stop hair growth, but each produces light energy in very different ways and this has significant impact on the quality and effectiveness of your treatment.

IPL Hair Removal

IPL machines produce a broad spectrum of wavelengths, much like a regular lamp, and cannot be focused to a concentrated beam (because you need a single wavelength light beam to be able to do that). Different wavelengths of light penetrate the skin at different depths. As a result, only some of the light energy is used effectively for hair removal and it also means that deeper, thicker hairs are not treated effectively. In addition, some of the light can be absorbed into the surrounding tissue, leading to heating of the pigment in the skin. This is why there is more of a risk of burns for darker skin types with IPL.

Laser Hair Removal

A laser is an intensely concentrated, single wavelength, beam of light. The energy reaches a defined depth of penetration and as it is focused (rather than diffused like IPL), it delivers more powerful, accurate results and better hair removal per treatment.

Am i suitable for treatment?

Most people are suitable for treatment. Best results are seen with people who have lighter skin and darker hair. Dark hair is more easily treated as it has a high concentration of melanin. Fair hair however contains less melanin so is harder to treat. Grey/white hair has no melanin so is not suitable for treatment.

How does the treatment feel?

Treatment sensation varies but is often described as a ‘flick of an elastic band’. No anaesthetic is required and most clients describe the discomforts as moderate and tolerable.
What will i see after treatment?
The hair follicles are damaged by the heat but the hairs remain in the follicles. The dead hairs shed after 1 to 3 weeks as the epidermis renews. During this period the hairs will seem to grow as they are pushed out by the new epidermis.
Are there any side effects?
The skin may be red immediately after treatment and the hair follicles may be swollen and raised but this usually subsides within a few hours. Adverse reactions are rare but may include a small blister or temporary lightening or darkening of the skin.

How many treatments are necessary?

Only hair that is actively growing is affected, therefore multiple treatments are needed. Treatments are conducted every 4 to 8 weeks depending on the area being treated, until a good result is seen. The number of treatments varies, although typically 6 treatments or more are needed for optimum results.
How long does treatment take?
Treatments can take as little as 10 minutes and up to 3 hours (for full body), depending upon the size of area being treated.

Laser hair removal:

                   Upper lip, Chin, Full face, Chest, Full arms, Half arms, Underarm, Hand, Stomach, Back, Full legs, Half leg, Full body, Bikini, Brazilian  and Hollywood.