LPG Dermologie



LPG Dermologie as a cellulite removal treatment

The method for cellulite “endermologie ” (or mostly endermologia for non-us citizens) is based on non-invasive (non-surgical) cellulite treatment through physiotherapy apparatus.

By now, it is proved that endermologie is a revolutionary treatment that really works.

The essence of endermologie consists of aspiration and skin massage in order to improve and enhance circulation, exchange nutrients, and toxins in fat cells.

Consequently, they are removed and body size in these areas is reduced, skin becomes smoother, more elastic, and fresh. it also improves muscle tissue under the skin due to better nutrition.

This process restructures the skin and connective tissue, stimulating blood and lymph circulation and facilitates the removal of excess fat and harmful substances. Thus, trigger the natural process of burning excess fat.


LPG Dermologie as a therapy tones and tightens your body and achieves smooth skin, thinner and finer figure.


The peculiarity of the method endermologie lies in the natural way (without surgery) for removing cellulite. body naturally get used to deal with excess fat and toxins.

During the procedures, should need to drink more water (around 2 – 2.5 liters a day) to induce elfin drainage of excess fat as well as toxins can be released more easily through the urinary system.

This method is in synchronization with today’s philosophy of seeking natural solutions for treatment without application of drugs, surgical and there isn’t postoperative period.

The patient does not affect normal natural rhythm of life, he feels relaxed and energized.


LPG endermologie is not only a method for cellulite removal. It is a method of physiotherapy rehabilitation after sports, injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system as it acts as a passive gymnastics through a series of muscle-building exercises on the massage table.

Usually 14 procedures are accomplished – two weekly and one procedure last 35 minutes.

In more severe cases, procedures can be as many as needed.

After achieving the desired result, it is advisable to perform maintenance procedures also during a time interval.


Procedures are nice, have a definite restorative effect, and what is very important, there are no endermologie side effects.


It should be emphasized that very essence of the natural method LPG endermologie is to help the body itself to adjust the degradation of excess fat and toxins and to get used to a new, healthier lifestyle.