The Eurowave utilizes a pulsating faradic wave, to work out the targeted muscle group, producing a measurable difference after ONE session and usually a dress size reduction after a course of 10 treatments. This inch loss can be achieved any place the client chooses usually tums, bums, thighs, arms and bust are the first picks. The 18-minute session is completely effortless, and is equivalent to 200 sit-ups, without any muscle soreness the next day. This is an ideal treatment for anyone wanting an overall reduction or a specific stubborn area.

How does it Work?

The Eurowave utilizes Electrical Muscle Stimulation (E.M.S.) technology, specifically a 400Hz and 600Hz pulsating faradic wave, to penetrate deep core muscle, and achieve toning, shaping and tightening. Electrical Muscle Stimulation was originally developed in the early 1970’s to reshape and tone the muscles of astronauts returning from space. The technology was progressed during the 1980’s and is now used regularly by Body Builders, Professional Athletes, Actors Physiotherapists, Medical Professionals as well as Beauty Therapists worldwide to achieve marked results. There are three types of E.M.S. equipment. Personal (low voltage or battery powered) Professional (110/220v) and Medical (stationary). Professional machines of which Eurowave is the market leader perform inch loss, and can lift and contour the body by actually building new muscle mass. The equipment is for use only by certified professional therapists, usually in beauty salons, spas, tanning salons or weight and inch loss centres.

What are the Benefits?

With improved muscle tone, inch loss reduction and an overall increased feeling of wellbeing listed among the many benefits, everyone loves the experience of the Eurowave treatment. With these results being sustainable for a 6 – 8 month period as long as no weight is gained, the benefits list is endless.
Is it safe are there any side effects?
The only side effect is your clothes get too big. The machine carries CSA US & C Approval CE European Approval and is endorsed by the British Medical Association for use in hospitals, chiropractic and physiotherapy locations. It has been around for 14 years in Europe and is perfectly safe.

Will I lose weight?

No, the treatment itself focuses on inch loss not weight, because it’s your inches that stop you wearing the clothes that you want, a person going to the gym will actually weigh more than someone who doesn’t work out even though they are smaller because they are toned, and that is what you will be achieving inch loss through toning.

How much can I lose?

There will be a measurable difference after your trial usually between 1 – 3″ after 10 sessions we expect to have you down a dress size that’s 2″ from your tummy 2″ from your waist and an 1″ from your rib cage.

How quickly can I see a difference?

After the first session.

How often do I come for treatments?

Twice a week is good, three times is perfect