mesotherapy   MESOTHERAPY


A minimally invasive technique and that is normally used to treat different ailments that can be both medical and cosmetic. It is used commonly to promote weight loss for people interested in improving their appearance. This beauty treatment is a treatment method widely used by the medical profession. It is a treatment that only requires low-doses to achieve better therapeutic responses and has no side effects. Mesotherapy is the treatment of mesoderm that does not begin in aesthetics but initially was used to repair ulcers in diabetic patients and from that discovery the field of aesthetics entered the scene. The Foundation of this treatment is to inject small, concentrated, doses in specified areas to reap the beneficial effects of the treatment. Specially prepared mixtures are injected under the skin, to replace and increase the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are found there. Treatment courses are designed for individual needs. Mesotherapy helps to smooth the surface of the skin, reducing or eliminating the appearance of cellulite; since it helps to eliminate body fat deposits with some of the most widely used pharmacological components.


Is a vital molecule for the metabolism of fatty acids; it acts as transportation for your fatty acids through your body into the mitochondria (cell furnace) where they are converted into energy through lipid metabolism known as beta oxidation.

The side effects

These occur in the majority of patients which is swelling, inflammation, bruising, pain, and itching. These tend to disappear as time passes. The majority of the patients rarely experience these side effects and they tend to feel little to no pain while the process takes place. Past patients have likened the sensation to that of a slight ant bite and the feeling goes away after a few minutes. However if you experience any other side effects, the specialist will know exactly what to do and you won’t need to worry.